U.S. Herdshare Law

Legal in: Legal by: Must register? Citation: Effective Date:
Alaska regulation no Alaska Administrative Code 32.010(c) May 23, 1998
Colorado statute yes Colorado Revised Statutes Title 25. Health Products Control And Safety — Article 5.5. Dairy Products, Imitation Dairy Products, And Frozen Desserts — Part 1. Dairy Products — 25-5.5-117. Raw milk Senate
Bill 05-055, April 22, 2005
Connecticut statute no Senate Bill 360, 2015 Session Signed by the Governor June 23, 2015
Idaho statute yes Idaho Statutes — Title 37 – Food, Drugs, and Oil — Chapter 11 – Acquisition of Raw Milk
Michigan policy no Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Policy 1.40 (PDF) 2010
North Dakota statute no North Dakota Century Code — Chapter 40-30 — (PDF) Senate
Bill April 29, 2013
Ohio court decision no Hein Decision (PDF)
Utah statute yes Title 4 Utah Agricultural Code / Chapter 3 Utah Dairy Act May 12, 2015 (Utah
State Legislature
Tennessee statute no Tennessee
State Code — Title 53 Food, Drugs And Cosmetics — Chapter 3 Dairy Law
of the State of Tennessee — Part 1 General Provisions — 53-3-119. Use
of milk from hoofed mammal for owner’s personal consumption or use.
Wyoming regulation yes Wyoming
Food Safety Rule, Chapter 3 Food Care
, Section 8, Fluid Milk and Milk
West Virginia statute yes Ch.
19. Agriculture, Art. 1. Department of Agriculture
§19-1-7. Shared animal ownership agreement to consume raw milk.
March 4, 2016 (F2CLDF)
Washington statute yes Washington
State Code — Title 15 — Chapter 15.36 — Section 15.36.012, “Definitions,”
— “NOTES, Findings—2006 c 157
Illegal In: Illegal by: Citation:
Maryland regulation Code of Maryland Regulations (prohibits
the sale of raw milk and defines sale to include the “right to acquire
milk and milk products… through… an agistment agreement which is the
sale of shares or interest in a cow…”)
North Carolina